As a residents in the district around Holland village, you might have spoilt with choices for abundant of shopping center close to you that you can buy things from or want a specific item that can only be found in a particular mall which you might not know. Here are a number of the closest malls in Holland Village.

1. Queensway Shopping Centre

This particular mall started operations 42 years ago, yes you guessed right it was opened in the year 1976 and has been operational since. The center is one of the foremost shopping centers in Singapore. If you are looking to get sports item, this mall is probably your first stop though there are also printing and tailor shops in the building amidst its 150 shops, exhibition hall, coffee house, nightclub and a big emporium.

2. 6th Avenue Shopping Centre

Want convenient shopping? Then 6th Avenue is the place to go. The shopping center is quite modern in style and houses Hair and Beauty salon, lifestyle shops, Clothing’s shop and many more. The Shopping complex offers great services with its varieties shops and a good parking space so you’d feel your car is safe while shopping in the environment. The shopping center is located at CNR of HEUGH Road & 6th Avenue, Walmer.

3. Far East Shopping Centre

Unlike the Queensway shopping center these malls was opened in 1982 and since then have emerged as one of the most famous fashion centers in Singapore. The Far East The shopping center prides as one of the shopping malls with a wide range of shops and hosts a lot of golf equipment. In fact, you won’t find any other store in Singapore that has as much Gold equipment as this center. So if you are a golf lover you are in luck. However, this mall is not only limited to fashion and golf alone as they host varieties of shops ranging from groceries to boutiques. The center is located at 545 Orchard Road, Orchard District.

4. Holland Road Shopping Centre

Located right in the middle of Holland Village along Holland Road. The mall has a historic connection with its environment. The mall simply houses everything you need, from groceries to artworks and clothing. The mall might appear quite old from the outside but this impression will change once you get inside the mall. You can always locate whatever is it you want from this mall.


Looking for state of the art shopping experience? You definitely should try ION ORCHARD. The shopping mall offers over 300 retail stores with international brands, lifestyle stores, fashion stores, entertainment, and arts section. The mall houses the largest gallery space in Singapore, a 5,600 square feet gallery space for international and local exhibitions of artworks. The design of the mall is simply breathtaking and its innovation at its peak. You don’t even have to go elsewhere to eat should in case you get hungry while shopping at the mall houses a restaurant that features both international and local cuisines. That means you get to eat your favorite dish, Shop in style and or see great artworks all in one place. The Mall is located at 2, Orchard Turn, Singapore and is accessible by Bus, Train and Taxi

6. Velocity Novena Square

This mall is basically a lifestyle mall and sports mall. You one stop point for lifestyle needs, The square is more of a sports center than a shopping mall but nonetheless, its retail shops offer sports kits and lifestyle products that are state of the art. If you are looking to buy sports kits and equipment, this is probably the place to go. It is located at 238, Thomson Road Singapore.

7. IMM Mall

Opened in 1991, the five-story mall houses retail stores which offer varieties of products. It boasts as Singapore’s largest outlet mall and offers discount all year round. It is located at 2, Jurong East street.