A floor plan is usually of great help to any home buyer who wants to know the features of a condo even before it has been completed. This is because most floor plans have symbols and markings which show what will be the exact size of the upcoming condo. All what one needs is to know how to read a floor plan effectively.


One of the first things that one needs to note in a floor plan is where the main door is located. This is because the main door can show the layout of the entire condo. The symbol for doors in floor plans is usually a quarter circle. The arc of the door can tell whether the door opens inwards or outwards. This is important because enough space will be required to let the door open effectively. You can also tell whether different rooms are connected such as the bathroom door opening to a master bedroom. If the bathroom is connected to the bedroom then that is an en-suite master bedroom.


Most homes in Singapore have either sliding windows or casement windows. On the floor plan a sliding window is shown by a thin hollow line that is by the wall while casement windows are indicated by the same symbols as the doors except that they come in pairs. By noting the number and type of windows you will be able to establish the amount of natural light and also ventilation that the condo will have.


Walls are also important especially for home owners who would like to remove some walls so that they can create open-concept homes. The structural walls are the ones bearing the weight of the building and as a result they cannot be removed. On the other hand, non-structural walls are the ones subdividing the various rooms. The symbol for structural walls is a thick line while the symbol for non-structural walls is a thin line.

Floor Layout

Noting the floor layout is also important depending on the particular condo one wants. Most homebuyers like homes where the main door opens directly to the kitchen so that they can get groceries easily into the kitchen. Buyers with children will want their bedrooms to be near the bedrooms of the children. By checking the floor plan you will be able to tell the exact layout of the floor.


There are floor plans that come with tiny numbers on the side and these numbers shows the actual dimensions in millimeters. These numbers will let you know the exact size of the condo and this is helpful especially when it comes to renovations.


It is also possible to determine the shape of different rooms from a floor plan. Most homebuyers prefer the box shape because in such rooms it is easier to put in furniture without wasting any space.

Private Enclosed Space (PES)

The PES is the private outdoor area and it varies in size depending on the condo. People who like to dine outside their homes from time to time should go for the condos with relatively large PES.

Maid’s Room

Families that would like to have live-in help should be able to check whether there is a maid’s room on the condominium chosen. On floor plan the maid’s room is usually located off the kitchen and it comes with a small bathroom.


The floor plan will also show whether the condo has cupboards including walk in cupboards and where they are located. The cupboards can be very helpful because they can help you save on renovation cost. But HBD flats do not have cupboards and as a result a person interested in such a flat should not check for cupboards.

Therefore, just by checking the floor plan you can know almost all the features of a condominium even before it has been completed.